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ISE YA #2 (Performance Series on)

Join Me on my series of Performance on the important ori (Head)

Date : Feb 7th, 2020

Venue: New Orleans Museum Of Art

Performance Statements

It was at night in the bright moon in the month of May, during the rainy season. The new yam harvest was complete, and everyone was happy, mostly the farmers. This excitement was even deeper for my mother as she discovered I was there, new in her belly.

It was then nearer to the celebration of Yemoja, the mother of wealth, wisdom, protection of the poor, the mother of all kids. She is of water and comes to purify everyone. She treats all equally, no matter what, where or how they come. I was so moved that I said, “Mama, it’s time for me to come out. I want be a part of this celebration!” January is my month; I am of water.

Oh, mama, I am sorry I gave you headache, that I kept you in labor for 4 days before I finally came out. Ori is the first to visit the world, Ori is the guide through the journey on earth.

There is whispering into my ear, what should I worship if is not Ori! Ori!! Ori!!! “Head” they repeated 3 times. I had no idea what this meant. As I grew from that baby, I always asked myself why Ori should be worshiped and not religion, when there are so many religions on earth. Why Ori, Why Ori, Why Ori the head is to be worshiped above any other religions.

The darkness of the soul. The tears of joy or sorrow. You, Ori, lead the way when it looks like there is no way out, when everything is block, when the sun refuses to shine, when rain is not falling, when the land is dry and the plants are turning brown. When I had no one with me to talk to, to protect me, Ori is my confidence, my courage. When I fall, fail many times and there is no one to share the pain, Ori is my partner. When success comes, and the world comes to drink and eat the honey, after they all leave again, Ori is still standing by.

When no one is to blame, everyone is to be blamed.

Ori, the lord of the body, I praise you, I adore you, I worship you. You mediate between me and the supreme being.

It is in pride of you that women spent time at the saloon to give a befitting style to make their head beautiful beyond compare. It shows the importance of what Ori is to Men that they cut lovely shapes of styles on their heads. Ori is celebrated all over the world. So many uncountable head caps, hats and wraps are created for Ori alone. So also, the women of West Africa will spend time in front of their mirrors to tie their head ties only to add beauty to their Ori.

Please Ori never leave me, without you Ori where will the rest of my body be?

Ori! Ori!! Ori!!! You are beyond explanation of worship; I can’t find word to express you Ori. You are to be valued. You are worshiped.

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